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Dues Payment Options
Mailing in a Payment
If you are mailing in a payment by check, please be sure to send the payment directly to your Association's bank lockbox, not to our office. The lockbox addresses for each bank are listed below:
Alliance Association Bank lockbox: 
                   [Your HOA Name]
HOA Services Processing Center
PO Box 95096
Las Vegas, NV 89193-5096
Union Bank lockbox: 
[Your HOA Name] Remittance Processing
PO Box 45439
San Francisco, CA 94145-0439
Heritage Bank lockbox: 
 [Your HOA Name]
HOA Remittance Processing
PO Box 2C
San Jose, CA 95109-0003
Homeowners can now use our online portal to view their account and make payments using a major credit card or e-check (ACH) through our third party provider. Click the image at left to sign up for the online portal where you can log in and make your HOA payments. 
          Homeowners can also make a payment directly through the banking website below: 
 Automatic Withdrawal (ACH) Form
If you would like to set up auto-pay to have your HOA dues withdrawn from your specified checking account automatically on the 8th day of each month, click the link below, complete the form, attach a voided check and mail or email your completed paperwork to our office. If you have any questions about your account number, please do not hesitate to contact Homeowner Association Services at (925) 830-4848.
Tips when using Auto Pay from your bank account
For Homeowners who have set up electronic payments through their personal bank, please read through the document below which has tips to help make sure your bill pay is set up correctly and will help you avoid rejected payments and late fees.

Other Information
With the current drought throughout California, HOA Services has compiled a list of drought tolerant plants, trees, shrubs and groundcovers for homeowners who are looking to install some plants that may not need as much water once they are established.
Is Your Garage Protected?
Would you believe that a thief can get into your home in less than a minute using only a coat hanger? What if we told you that you can prevent them from getting in in even less time? Recently, a news station in Texas reported on a number of break-ins through homeowner’s garages using a coat hanger to pull the emergency release handle on the garage door. Even if you have a home alarm, chances are that it would not go off if your garage door was opened. The station has posted a video on YouTube showing how the thieves get in and a second video showing how a simple zip tie can be the solution to keeping them out.
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Escrow Process
We make the escrow process simple and easy. There are no upfront Demand, Document and Transfer costs - all costs are billed in escrow. Title companies can order a Demand & Document Package directly through our website. Simply click the button below and complete the form to initiate your request. Typical turn around time is 3-5 business days. You may request a rush order, which will be completed by the following business day for an additional fee of $50. If you have a specific form you would like completed, please fax or email the form to our escrow department at (925) 830-0252 or